Custom iPhone Carrier Logos for iOS 6

They’re back!

Come here and you’re curious as to how these work without a jailbreak? Or are interested in an overview of making your own, then read this post about carrier bundles.

Ahead of the iOS 6 release later this week, I have taken the carrier bundles and thrown in the custom carrier logos again.

When Apple releases iOS 6.0.1, or your carrier pushes an update, these logos will be overwritten back to stock and you can come back here shortly after for an updated bundle.

If you decide that you no longer want the custom logo – you will need to restore in iTunes, and then restore from backup. Unfortunately Apple doesn’t make this easy.

These bundles will only work on retina devices (iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5).

An oddity with iOS 6, is that when you open the Maps app, your carrier name returns. This only happens in the Maps app, and we’re not quite sure if this is by design or not.

The other thing to note that as of iOS 6 and the new dynamic color changing status bar, there are now only two color states; usually a ‘white’ logo displayed against any color (blue, black, red etc) and another white logo with a shadow, displayed in Notification Center). Sadly this means that colored logos now look more out of place and less pretty than they did in iOS 5. As an example, here’s the blue Telstra logo. Contrast this with the logo atop this post.

As such, I will only be updating the white and grey logos for iOS 6.



To install these on your own iPhone, first you must tell iTunes that you can side load your own carrier bundles. Usually iTunes will not let you point your way to a carrier bundle on your own computer. This is easily fixed;

For both Mac OS X and Windows, make sure iTunes is closed before proceeding.

For Mac OS X; open up and paste in the following;

defaults write carrier-testing -bool true

For Windows, open up Run (Winkey+R) and paste the following;

"%ProgramFiles%\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

If you’re running Windows x64 bit, do this instead:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

Done! Now simply connect your iPhone, open up iTunes, select your iPhone from the sidebar, and hold down option (Windows users, hold down Shift instead) while you click on restore. Now simply point your way to the .ipcc file you wish to load. You may also want to repeat the above, but click on ‘Check for Updates’ instead.

Now once that is finished, flick your iPhone into Airplane Mode, or reboot your iPhone and you should be good to go.

These have been updated to also support the iPhone 5 and LTE.

Right click on the logo you want for your carrier below, and save it to your desktop.

Version 13.1.1

Version 13.1.1

Version 13.1.1

Version 13.1.1


Version 13.1.1

If you really don’t want to see your carrier at all, here are some ‘blank’ carrier logos.






Please remember that you cannot go back to your original logo without restoring. Carrier bundles are not backed up, and so will not come back if you restore from backup.

However – carrier bundles can’t be overwritten back to the original bundles with the standard text logo. You must restore in iTunes.


  1. Evan Davis says

    Telstra on iPhone is 13.1 (not 13.0.1). After installing this, almost instantly a carrier update is pushed through to override 13.0.1

  2. javier says

    Hi, iΒ΄m from Argentina and I want to know if this method can help me to enable Thethering on my iphone. I know that here, if the iphone does not recognize the SIM CARD carrier, it will let edit the apn settings, etc and the thetering will be enabled. also, since a while my carrier name is bad recognised and itΒ΄s longer than the space on the top bar and the name is scrolling every time i wake up the phone.

    can you share the method to create the ipcc so we can make tests to see if it works?


    • Julian says

      I have the exact same problem.
      I managed under 5.1.11 to make visible APN settings for both MMS and GPRS but not tethering. Once updated to ios6 the phone does not recognized the injected ipcc file as it continues to state Movistar 13.
      Please any help would be valuable… as Javier mentioned, the carrier actually does not support Personal Hotspot but under certain circumstances it works so it would be just a question of turning some value to True or something like that… I have been with this for more than a week with no real luck.
      Many thanks

  3. Gary says

    I can’t seem to get this to work, I edit the setting in terminal and i option+click the restore and update buttons and choose the blank .ipcc, but no amount of restarting, syncing or airplane mode-ing will change my current carrier text to the blank logo.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  4. says

    Do these work with the iPhone 5? I’ve been holding on updating the ones on my site until I know if these will affect 4G or not. I’m not in a 4G area, so I can’t test.

  5. Sebastian says

    Hi, can you post a guide on how to do this when you are on a different carrier? (in my case it would be T-Mobile in Germany).

  6. James says

    Telstra have rolled out a 13.1 carrier update. Would it be possible to update the 13.0.1 to work with the new version?


  7. Luke says

    Hi. Thanks so much for this. Is it possible for you to include the new version for Optus as well as the original carrier if for them too?

  8. Jimbo says

    Hi Beau,

    I’m looking for a version of the generic Carrier file, with LTE enabled. Any help or guidance appreciated.

  9. henZa says

    Hey. Nice job on the logos. Will they work on the new iPad for Telstra in Aus? I presume they should right?

    • says

      Hey henZa; you can put the telstra bundle on the iPad, however you’ll lose the ability to edit the APN.
      Since both the iPad and the iPhone use the same APNs anyway, this most likely won’t be a problem.

      • mjs says

        Is it possible to create an iPad Telstra profile so that it doesn’t remove the ability to edit the APN settings?

  10. Amaysim says

    Any change to get this to work for amaysim? They use the optus network.

    My really old iphone amaysim says “YES OPTUS” in the bar, and i can change it.

    HOWEVER my new ipad3 amaysim sim says “amaysim” and the optus thingy wont change it?

  11. StuckOnOld says


    iphone4s, iOS6

    I did the optus carrier change and it worked. Then i decided to to the blank change, and it works EXCEPT for notification center, the ‘yes’optus image still shows…

    help thanks

  12. Jimbo says

    Hello Beau,

    I actually work for a non Apple carrier (Digicel) , and we are rolling out an LTE network in the 700b17 band (Same as ATT). We were hoping to test the iPad amongst other devices, however we quickly realized that the carrier file used by our SIM has the LTE radio off.

  13. Valentino says

    I’d like to have the blank one for Vodafone Italia, for any reason I can’t change it.
    Thank you.

  14. Valentino says

    I forgot to say that Vodafone Italy has everything already enabled, mms, tethering etc…so all I want to change is the LOGO.

  15. Zach says

    Hey Beau!

    Thanks so much, you’ve really done a great job explaining the whole process. I’m using a Verizon iPhone 5, and I’m wondering if you have an updated carrier bundle or plans to make one.


    • Zach says

      I’ve tried making my own, but when I option-click on “Restore” or “Check for Updates” in iTunes and select my modified .ipcc file, it gives me an error saying “Could not inspect the application package”. Any advice?

    • Malay Mody says

      Whoops i see where the blank ones are posted. Can you post a blank ipcc for sprint?

  16. Despo says

    I have tried your logos with my local carrier .ipcc,and I have replaced the logos in my local carrier with yours and renamed it to match the names, but nothing changed.

    Another issue,since you have iphone5 did you try “sbfakecarrier” with ibackupbot..

  17. Rob In NY says

    Hey, is there a bundle for NET10 (at&t mvno in the us)? I tried making my own from a modified AT&T bundle and have enabled the injection but when I click and select the modified bundle, I don’t get the carrier settings updated message on my phone.

  18. Rob In NY says

    Any suggestions are welcome! Tired of seeing “HOME” on my screen, looks so plain! Also, without this bundle I cannot get MMS on my phone. I have an factory unlocked phone, I don’t want jailbreak.

  19. says

    OK, can someone make a Special (Something other than) Company Logo’s and get it to load?..
    I use AT&T but have always used my Call-Sign.. Maybe an Apple Logo or something?..

  20. Thomas says

    Hi Beau Gils,

    I Have got a big Problem to Change my Carrier Logo i`ve tried many ipcc files but the logo doesnt change. Its an German Provider named O2 it would be great if u could change this for my iphone 5. Heres an Screenshot Please let me know if u need something to change this Looong Word πŸ˜‰

    Best Regards


  21. says

    James, Got the File you uploaded, and I got my Carrier set now and lost the AT&T.. Worked with a bit of Tweaking. THANKS for the File…… ANYONE looking to do this, Just follow the Instructions, worked Fine on the iPhone 5 here. NOW if we can get the Jailbreak, I can get my iFile and MyWi back….

  22. Jake Krehel says

    Hello guys, I’ve been looking for something like this for long time, I’ve got Telekom Slovakia. In settings it says it’s 13.0 so I wanna ask:
    1) how do should I call my file?
    2) would that work on an iPhone 5 on ios 6.0.1

    every help is appreciated, If somebody really helps me to get it work I can even pay πŸ˜‰
    thanks so much

  23. jeff says

    Can someone make me a ipcc file for Telcel mexico with blank name and instead of 3G let it say LTE please. send me a email thanks.

    • jeff says

      Please if anyone can make me a Telcel_MX with Telcel name or blank name and instead of 3G to LTE please my email is: jeff at

      • says

        Jeff, Look Above and Get the File From “James”.. All you need to do is use a BLANK Image if that’s what you like… Worked on my iPhone 5 just Fine here…

  24. dinji says

    Hi please any chance of anyone making ipcc for vodafone Ireland ios 6 every help is appreciated tired of the long vodafone IE

  25. HS says

    Can’t get this going for me, on vodafone IE (Ireland), none of the images will show up after following the process. No idea what’s going on. I took James’ bundle file from the thread, added the two vodafone images from the Aus file and increased the version to 14. iPhone 5 shows the new version is installed but it’s still stuck at the string name and not the logo. πŸ™

  26. Alex says

    Hi, Does this work on Vodafone NZ? I’ve done all the steps, I think?. And I had used the Vodafone AU blank carrier logos.

  27. Jhon says

    Hey, I’m using an iPhone 5 i tried what you said above it didnt change my network however I find alot of people got it working, I’m Using Vodafone in Egypt and its taking all my screen as its written VodafoneEG which is quite big i get the connection spinner way next to the battery ! .. its frustrating using a mac nd would deeply appreciate the help πŸ™‚

  28. Jonathan says

    ummm.. i have red pocket mobile running on ios 6.0.1 on a gsm iphone 4s. It doesnt work for me. Someone please help me! im desperate! Thanks!

  29. Esteban says

    “C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1 does nothing in my W7 x64 with last version of iTunes.

  30. Josiah silk says

    Hello Beau,

    I have an iphone 5 on AT&T in the Us. I just want the blank .ipcc. Could you or someone please help me out.

  31. justin says

    how do you do it for the 4s on verizon the carrier logo never gets replaced its 13.0 but the program i tryed only does lte iphone can you do it on verions 4s

  32. James says

    Just updated to iOS 6.1 (Telstra 14) Just wanting to know when this will be updated.
    Cheers. πŸ™‚

  33. says

    Hi there,

    Was just wondering if TPG is supported? On iOS 6.1.3 on an iPhone 5 TPG somehow overrides the “YES OPTUS” carrier name with simply TPG. Whilst on the iPhone 4 it is still the normal Optus logo. I have tried CarrierEditor and even attempted to create my own but it wont work, somehow TPG overrides the initial carrier logo with their own.

    Has anyone had any luck?