Month: September 2020

September 14, 2020

One of the ‘new normals’ when it comes to living with COVID-19 is contact tracing, and allowing public health officials to rapidly contact people who may be at risk of having or spreading COVID-19.

While originally many venues resorted to pen and paper, this isn’t great from a hygiene perspective (shared pens), nor privacy, or being able to quickly process it hours or days later when it’s in use. Other venues and providers quickly took up the good ol QR code, linking customers to a form to provide their contact details  – while great for processing the data later and privacy from other patrons, the venue still has access to your customer details, and each venue uses their own form platforms.

From Google Docs, to Microsoft Office forms, to ‘survey links’, or my personal favourite, a MailChimp signup form (!), Service NSW spotted a gap in the market, and has now launched their own COVID Safe check-in product – putting privacy, as well as ease of use & speed front and centre – to better assist with contact tracing.