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June 27, 2015


One of the little known features of the Apple TV, is the ability to subscribe to some content services, and bill this back to your iTunes account. Similar to In-App purchases in your favorite apps on your iPhone or iPad, which are taken out of  your iTunes credit before eating into your credit card, the same process exists on the Apple TV.

There are very few apps on the Apple TV that support these ‘in-app purchases’ with iTunes as your billing method, but two of them in Australia are Stan, or Netflix. While the Stan and Netflix iOS apps don’t support in-app purchases, the Apple TV ‘apps’ do, meaning you must have an Apple TV, and can’t make use of this trick with an iPhone or iPad. 

June 26, 2015

Telstra Air

Originally launching as ‘Telstra WiFi’, as part of a push to build a WiFi Nation, Telstra has now decided on calling it’s network ‘Telstra Air’. Already available at over 4,000 hotspots, in 250 towns around Australia as part of the earlier free WiFi trial, the next step will be Telstra customers with the Gateway Max modems opting in to participate – sharing some of their bandwidth in exchange for being able to access their own home broadband usage at other hotspots. Telstra Air is set to launch next Tuesday, 30th June.

April 30, 2015

Telstra Sydney George Street - Corner King and George Street Telstra Sydney George Street
Back in October 2014, Telstra opened their $112mil refurbished store in George Street –  becoming their ‘new’ flagship store and was dubbed the ‘Discovery’ store. Not just called ‘Discovery’ because it was something brand new for customers to explore and discover, but also a testing bed for Telstra to work out what works well, what could be improved, and what can be transferred into new stores as they become refurbished and get a refresh.

April 12, 2015

When the Apple Watch was announced late last year, I knew I wanted one. But yet, as preorders were announced and the 24th April came and went, I resisted preordering one just yet. First of all, I wanted to try one on for myself, and make sure I pick the right watch to start with. Not that I’m rushed for time, with current orders not shipping until June. And I’m not exactly a stranger to smartwatches, with a Pebble living on my wrist for the last year or so. So today, I went into an Apple Store, and went “hands on” (or should that be wrists?) with the Apple Watch.

April 1, 2015


There’s no shortage of tablets available on the market, but Lenovo’s trying to do something different with the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. It’s an Android tablet that has a massive 13” screen, and also packs an inbuilt projector.

If you’re used to other tablets, chances are they would have been smaller than the Tablet 2 Pro – this thing is massive. The screen comes in at 13.3”, and packs a 2560 x 1440 resolution, giving you a pixel density of 221 ppi. It’s great for reading text and browsing the web on while the bright and vivid colors help make your photos look fantastic. The viewing angles aren’t too bad, so there’s not much to worry about what angle you’re looking the Tablet 2 Pro from.