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August 20, 2015

IMG_8602Is your train home going to be running to time? Do you have someone that you love to keep up to date with? A friend who always wants to share the latest? A brand or company who always shares awesome tweets?

As a Twitter user, you can opt in to receive every tweet from specific accounts pushed straight to your iOS or Android device.
Even if you don’t have a smartphone, Telstra customers can also opt in to receive tweet notifications via SMS (currently Optus or Vodafone do not support Twitter via SMS)

November 23, 2010

When iTunes Ping originally debuted in September 2010, for the first few hours Ping let you connect your Facebook account with your Ping account, making it easy for you to find your Facebook friends who are also using Ping. Unfortunately, that’s as far as the integration went, there was no ability to share things with your Facebook friends.

Several weeks ago, iTunes Ping introduced Twitter support, allowing you to connect your Twitter account, see who else you’re following is on Ping, but also goes one step further by allowing you to tweet your recent activity on Ping (Liked items, as well as other posts you make).

Thanks to this integration, it’s possible to pull this data back into Facebook, sharing your Ping likes and posts with your Facebook friends. Sure, it’s hacky, and completely messy, but it works, and is better than nothing until Apple and Facebook kiss and make up.

November 2, 2010